Recommendations for Consumer Direct Access Labs

Preferred Provider of Direct Access Conventional Lab Tests

In order to use most laboratory testing, you need to work with a provider who is licensed in your state. Consumer direct access lab companies make it possible for people (consumers) to order labs without going through their primary care physician. Dr. Louis’ preferred company for consumer direct access labs is called Direct Labs. She has partnered with Direct Labs because they offer both conventional and functional medicine lab test, a unique offering in this space. To visit her partnership site, click here.

Preferred Functional Medicine Companies & Tests

Pharmacogenomic/Nutrigenomic Testing: GX Sciences Pharmacogenomic Panel (pharmacogenomic) MaxFunction Panel (functional & nutrigenomic)

Microbiome Testing: GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI MAP)

Reproductive Hormone Testing: Precision Analytical DUTCH Complete

Environmental Toxicity Testing: QuickSilver Scientific Mercury Tri-Test® & Blood Metals Panel (metals) + Great Plains GPL-TOX Profile (non-metal chemicals)