Discover 5 easy things you’re probably not doing that you can start today to radically improve your blood sugar control!


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Meal Sequence

Discover how the order in which you eat your food can help or hurt your blood sugar levels

Macronutrient Source

Discover how making a simple swap in the source of your food can improve blood sugar levels

Stress and Blood Sugar

Discover how childhood stress can affect blood sugar in adulthood (& what to do about it).

About the Author

Dr. Janelle Louis

Dr.  Janelle Louis is a licensed naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner. She is the author of Set On Edge and Optimize Your Body, Heal Your Mind and creator of the B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Framework™ and the P7 Protocol™. She has been featured on several national media outlets such as NBC, CBS, Fox News, Yahoo! Life, and many more. 

She helps ambitious, high-performing women (and those who to be) who’ve been diagnosed with chronic diseases break through their physical symptoms and the limiting beliefs that hold them back from the thriving relationships, careers, and self-image that they want. She does this in-person (locally), through telehealth (nationwide), and through her ACE Defying Wellness Program. 

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